class MatchScorer

Class MatchScorer allows you to sort documents based on the quality of query match. The scorer assigns a score based on term frequency in a document.

To use a MatchScorer, add it to the SortOptions as in the following code:

  sort_opts = search.SortOptions(match_scorer=search.MatchScorer())

This sorts the documents in descending score order. The scores will be positive.

If you want to sort in ascending order, then use the following code:

  sort_opts = search.SortOptions(match_scorer=search.MatchScorer(),
          expression='_score', direction=search.SortExpression.ASCENDING,

The scores in this case will be negative.

MatchScorer is defined in the module.


The constructor for class MatchScorer is defined as follows:

class MatchScorer()

Assigns a document score to search results representing how well they match the query, base on frequency of terms in the document.

Result value

A new instance of class MatchScorer.



If any of the parameters have an invalid type, or an unknown attribute is passed.


If any parameter has an invalid value.