Class DatastoreV3Impl

  • java.lang.Object
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    public class DatastoreV3Impl
    extends java.lang.Object
    implements DatastoreV3
    An implementation DatastoreV3 which wraps a LocalDatastoreService. LocalDatastoreService should but cannot implement DatastoreV3 directly because the ApiProxy uses method-named based reflection to call stubs. It doesn't properly check the method signature so the single-parameter version may be called by ApiProxy instead of the expected two parameter version.
    • Method Detail

      • addActions

        public void addActions(TaskQueueBulkAddRequest req)
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        addActions in interface DatastoreV3
      • allocateIds

        public AllocateIdsResponse allocateIds(AllocateIdsRequest req)
        Specified by:
        allocateIds in interface DatastoreV3
      • beginTransaction

        public Transaction beginTransaction(BeginTransactionRequest req)
        Specified by:
        beginTransaction in interface DatastoreV3
      • commit

        public CommitResponse commit(Transaction req)
        Specified by:
        commit in interface DatastoreV3
      • createIndex

        public long createIndex(CompositeIndex req)
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        createIndex in interface DatastoreV3
      • delete

        public DeleteResponse delete(DeleteRequest req)
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        delete in interface DatastoreV3
      • deleteIndex

        public void deleteIndex(CompositeIndex req)
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        deleteIndex in interface