Version 1.6. This version is no longer supported as outlined in the Anthos version support policy. For the latest patches and updates for security vulnerabilities, exposures, and issues impacting Anthos clusters on VMware (GKE on-prem), upgrade to a supported version. You can find the most recent version here.

Node image

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This page describes the node operating system (node OS) image that runs on Anthos clusters on VMware (GKE on-prem) cluster nodes.

Anthos clusters on VMware cluster nodes run Ubuntu version 18.04 (bionic). The image is very similar to Google Kubernetes Engine's Ubuntu node image.

Kubernetes version

New Anthos clusters on VMware versions sometimes introduce a new Kubernetes version for clusters. Version changes are announced in Release notes. To learn which Kubernetes version your cluster runs, see Versions.

Preinstalled tools

  • Anthos clusters on VMware's node OS has the following tools preinstalled: arping cloud-utils, conntrack, logrotate, prips, systemd-container
  • Anthos clusters on VMware's node OS has the debug-toolbox container image preinstalled. debug-toolbox includes several packages for debugging node issues. You run an accompanying shell script, toolbox, to unpack and run the debug-toolbox container. Learn about the toolbox script.


As of Anthos clusters on VMware version 1.1.0-gke.6, the node OS' default networking configuration is disabled to support static IP allocation.


See node security.