Anthos clusters on VMware overview

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Anthos clusters on VMware, a component of Google Distributed Cloud Virtual (GDC Virtual), is software that brings Google Kubernetes Engine (GKE) to on-premises data centers. With Anthos clusters on VMware, you can create, manage, and upgrade Kubernetes clusters on your own premises.

Anthos clusters on VMware runs on your premises in a vSphere environment. vSphere is VMware's virtualization platform. The two main components of vSphere are ESXi and vCenter Server.

New documentation structure for 1.11

This is the documentation for version 1.11 of Anthos clusters on VMware. The structure of this documentation is substantially different from what it has been in previous versions:

  • The sequence of quickstart topics has been condensed into two topics under the Get started heading.

  • The load balancing topics are now part of the infrastructure section.

  • Configuration files are now under the Reference heading.

  • In general, the table of contents better reflects the journey of planning your installation, setting up infrastructure, and creating clusters.

Getting Anthos clusters on VMware

Anthos clusters on VMware is a feature of Anthos. For an overview of the Anthos product and information on how to contact sales, see Anthos.

For a deeper discussion of Anthos features and how they work together, see the Anthos technical overview.

For pricing information, see Anthos pricing.

Installing Anthos clusters on VMware

To install Anthos clusters on VMware, you create an admin cluster and one or more user clusters. Before you create your clusters, you need to have a vSphere environment and a Google Cloud project

For a full overview of the installation process, see the installation overview.


To learn about Anthos clusters on VMware versions, see Version history.