Connectors reference

Workflows publishes connectors to make it easier to access other Google Cloud products within a workflow. This reference section shows the correct workflows syntax for the available connectors. For workflow samples that demonstrate how to use a connector, see each connector's overview page.

Invoking a connector call

Similar to invoking an HTTP endpoint, a connector call requires call and args fields. You can specify a timeout value and polling policy using the connector_params field.

    call: googleapis.gcp_service.version.resource.operation
        [ARG1: VALUE1]
            timeout: TIMEOUT_IN_SECONDS
                initial_delay: INITIAL_DELAY_IN_SECONDS
                multiplier: MULTIPLIER_VALUE
                max_delay: MAX_DELAY_IN_SECONDS]
    [result: RESPONSE_VALUE]
  • call: Required. For example, googleapis.bigquery.v2.tables.get.
  • args: Required. Each connector call requires different arguments.
  • ARG1, ..., body: Fields to supply input to the API.
  • connector_params: Optional. Connector-specific parameters.
    • timeout: Optional. Time in seconds. The end-to-end duration the connector call is allowed to run for before throwing a timeout exception. The default value is 1800. The maximum timeout for a connector call is 1800 seconds.
    • polling_policy: Optional. Only applies to long-running operation (LRO) calls. The default values for initial_delay, multiplier, and max_delay are 1.0, 1.25, and 60.0, respectively.
  • result: Optional. Variable name where the result of a connector call invocation step is stored.

List of supported connectors

Product Connector LRO type
BigQuery bigquery connector Job
Cloud Build cloudbuild connector Operation
Cloud Functions cloudfunctions connector Operation
Cloud Natural Language API language connector None
Cloud Scheduler cloudscheduler connector None
Cloud SQL sqladmin connector Operation
Cloud Storage storage connector None
Cloud Tasks cloudtasks connector None
Cloud Translation translate connector Operation
Compute Engine compute connector Operation
Dataflow dataflow connector Job
Firestore firestore connector Operation
Google Kubernetes Engine container connector Operation
Pub/Sub pubsub connector None
Secret Manager secretmanager connector None
Storage Transfer Service storagetransfer connector Operation
Workflows workflows connector
workflowexecutions connector