Quotas & Limits

This document contains current restrictions and usage quotas on use of AutoML Translation. This page will be updated to reflect any changes to these restrictions and usage quotas.

These quotas apply to each AutoML Translation project and each user, and are shared across all applications and IP addresses using a given project.

You can edit your quotas up to their maximum values by selecting EDIT QUOTAS from the Quotas page of the Google Cloud Dashboard. Edit the quotas for the Cloud AutoML API. To request an increase above the maximum quota, edit your quota with your requested increase and justification and submit your update. You will be notified when your request has been received. You might be contacted for more information regarding your request. After your request has been reviewed, you will be notified whether it has been approved or denied.

AutoML Translation has quotas associated with creating models and with making requests to the models.

Modeling quotas

Activity Default quota
Model creation requests per minute 10
Concurrent translation model creation requests 2

Content and request quotas

Content to the AutoML Translation is provided as text strings, and both pricing and usage are based on character counts. All characters sent to the AutoML Translation, including whitespace characters, count towards these quotas.

These per-project usage quotas for AutoML Translation apply collectively to all deployed models.

Activity Default quota
AutoML model characters per minute 100,000
AutoML model characters per minute per user up to the per project quota
Batch translation requests per day unlimited

By adjusting the per user quota, you can set an upper limit on the number of characters per minute that individual users can translate in a given project. This quota applies only if it is set to be less than the overall characters per minute quota.

Content and request limits

  • On each individual translateText request to an AutoML model, there is a limit of 1024 strings in the contents field.

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