Quota Policy

You can see the Cloud TPU quota for your GCP project on the Google Cloud Platform Console.

Default quota

Cloud TPU allocates a default quota to all Google Cloud Platform projects. There are separate quotas for preemptible TPUs and normal (non-preemptible) TPUs:

  • Normal (non-preemptible) TPUs: Default quota is at least 2 TPUs (16 cores).
  • Preemptible TPUs: Default quota is at least 6 TPUs (48 cores).

The Cloud TPU architecture is 2 cores per chip and 4 chips per device for a total of 8 cores per TPU. Therefore, a quota of 8 enables the use of 1 Cloud TPU. A quota of 16 enables use of up to 2 Cloud TPUs, and so forth.

Requesting additional quota

If you need additional Cloud TPU quota, go to the TPU quota page on the GCP Console and do the following:

  1. From the Service pulldown, select the Cloud TPU API service. You must update the TPU cores per project per region.
  2. Click Edit Quotas to start the quota increase process.

You will receive a notification when the additional quota is approved. Note: Due to high demand, it's possible that some requests for additional quota will not be approved.

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