Regional availability

In Speech-to-Text API V2, there are different availabilities in different regions. To understand the availabilities, please use the Locations API.

Location Metadata

Each location returned by the Locations API has metadata associated with it that details the languages, models, and model features that are available. A sample location with its metadata is shown below.

  "locationId": "europe-west1",
  "metadata": {
    "languages": {
      "models": {
        "es-ES": {
          "modelFeatures": {
            "latest_long": {
              "modelFeature": [
                {"feature": "profanity_filter", "releaseState": "GA"},
                {"feature": "spoken_punctuation", "releaseState": "GA"},
                {"feature": "automatic_punctuation", "releaseState": "GA"},
                {"feature": "speaker_diarization", "releaseState": "PREVIEW_DIARIZATION"},

Filtering in List Locations

When listing all availabilities, a filter can be used. The different criteria that can be used to filter are the following:

  • language Optional. The BCP-47 language tag of the language desired.
  • model Optional. The model desired.
  • model_feature Optional. The model feature desired.

A sample filter query is shown below. Please see filter syntax for further reference.

"language = en-US AND model = latest_long AND model_feature != profanity_filter"