Using the Session Window

This page describes how to use the Google Cloud Shell session window.

Scrolling the display

To scroll the session display:

  • Use your mouse wheel or trackpad while browser focus is on a session tab.

  • Use Ctrl-Shift-PageUp / Ctrl-Shift-PageDn (Windows and Linux) or Fn-Shift-Up / Fn-Shift-Down (on Mac OS X).

Copying and pasting text

To copy and paste text:

  1. Select some text in the session display or another window using your mouse.

  2. Press Ctrl + C (on Windows or Linux) or Cmd + C (on Mac OS X) to copy the text.

  3. Press Ctrl + V (on Windows or Linux) or Cmd + V (on Mac OS X) to paste at your current cursor location.

Sending a key combination using the console

Click the Send Key Combination button Send Key Combination Button and select Ctrl + V to paste the contents of your clipboard at your current cursor location.

Adjusting the display window

To adjust the display window:

  1. Click the Hide Hide Shell Button and Restore Restore Shell Button buttons to hide and restore the session display.

  2. Cick the Open Session in New Window Detach Shell Button button to detach the session as a new window.

  3. Click the Activate Google Cloud Shell button at the top of the console window to close the detached window and re-open the session in the console.

  4. Click the Settings button Settings Button and then Switch to Light Theme or Switch to Dark Theme to toggle between themes.

Opening multiple sessions

Click the Add Cloud Shell Session Add Session Button button at the top of the Cloud Shell window to open additional sessions. Each session connects to the same virtual machine instance. When you open a new session, it appears in a new tab at the bottom of the console.

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