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Launching the Cloud Shell Editor

The Cloud Shell Editor can be launched in different ways to best fit your use case.

Launching a stand-alone session

The most straightforward way to start a Cloud Shell session and begin using its code editor is to directly launch a Cloud Shell Editor session with You can still access the Cloud Shell terminal at any time using the Open terminal button Activate Shell Button in the Cloud Shell menu bar.

To launch a stand-alone Cloud Shell session with both the Cloud Shell terminal and Cloud Shell Editor automatically started, use instead.

Launching from the Console

To launch a Cloud Shell session from the Cloud Console, use the Activate Cloud Shell button Activate Shell Button in your Console. This will launch a session in the bottom pane of your Console. You can then click the Open Editor button with the pencil icon Code Editor Button on the toolbar of the Cloud Shell window to launch the editor.

Launching from the Cloud Shell terminal

From the Cloud Shell terminal (accessible with the Activate Cloud Shell button Activate Shell Button in your Console), you can run the following command:

cloudshell edit .

This launches the Cloud Shell Editor in the same pane.