Enabled Services

To use most Google Cloud Platform APIs and services, you must first enable them in a GCP project. Enabling APIs and services in a GCP project, results in the following changes:

  • Associates them with the project.
  • Adds monitoring pages in the GCP Console.
  • Enables billing for the APIs and services if billing is enabled for the project.
  • In some cases, Cloud Identity and Access Management roles only become visible when you enable the associated service.

Calling a service

The following list outlines the typical high-level requirements for using GCP APIs and services:

  1. A GCP project. For details on creating GCP projects, see Creating and Managing Projects.
  2. To enable the service for the project. To learn how to enable APIs and services, see Enabling and Disabling Services.
  3. Authentication credentials for the enabled service you are using. To learn how to authenticate to a Cloud API, see Getting Started with Authentication.

The credentials you use to call GCP APIs and services are associated with the project you use to create them.

Cloud IAM role visibility

Some Cloud IAM roles are only visible if the associated service is enabled in a GCP project. For example, the roles/compute.admin role is only visible after the compute.googleapis.com API is enabled in a project. To learn how to list the available roles to grant in a project, see Viewing the Grantable Roles on Resources.

Services enabled by default

When you create a GCP project using the GCP Console or Cloud SDK, the following APIs and services are enabled by default:

Automatically enabled services

Some APIs and services are automatically enabled when you use them in GCP Console. For example, if you visit the Compute Engine page, the Compute Engine API is automatically enabled.

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