Cloud Talent Solution V4beta1 API - Module Google::Cloud::Talent::V4beta1::JobView (v0.6.1)

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Reference documentation and code samples for the Cloud Talent Solution V4beta1 API module Google::Cloud::Talent::V4beta1::JobView.

An enum that specifies the job attributes that are returned in the MatchingJob.job or fields.



value: 0
Default value.


value: 1
A ID only view of job, with following attributes:, Job.requisition_id, Job.language_code.


value: 2
A minimal view of the job, with the following attributes:, Job.requisition_id, Job.title,, Job.DerivedInfo.locations, Job.language_code.


value: 3
A small view of the job, with the following attributes in the search results:, Job.requisition_id, Job.title,, Job.DerivedInfo.locations, Job.visibility, Job.language_code, Job.description.


value: 4
All available attributes are included in the search results.