Cloud Talent Solution V4beta1 API - Module Google::Cloud::Talent::V4beta1::EmploymentType (v0.8.1)

Reference documentation and code samples for the Cloud Talent Solution V4beta1 API module Google::Cloud::Talent::V4beta1::EmploymentType.

An enum that represents the employment type of a job.



value: 0
The default value if the employment type isn't specified.


value: 1
The job requires working a number of hours that constitute full time employment, typically 40 or more hours per week.


value: 2
The job entails working fewer hours than a full time job, typically less than 40 hours a week.


value: 3
The job is offered as a contracted, as opposed to a salaried employee, position.


value: 4
The job is offered as a contracted position with the understanding that it's converted into a full-time position at the end of the contract. Jobs of this type are also returned by a search for EmploymentType.CONTRACTOR jobs.


value: 5
The job is offered as a temporary employment opportunity, usually a short-term engagement.


value: 6
The job is a fixed-term opportunity for students or entry-level job seekers to obtain on-the-job training, typically offered as a summer position.


value: 7
The is an opportunity for an individual to volunteer, where there's no expectation of compensation for the provided services.


value: 8
The job requires an employee to work on an as-needed basis with a flexible schedule.


value: 9
The job involves employing people in remote areas and flying them temporarily to the work site instead of relocating employees and their families permanently.


value: 10
The job does not fit any of the other listed types.