Cloud Storage API - Class Google::Cloud::Storage::Notification (v1.43.0)

Reference documentation and code samples for the Cloud Storage API class Google::Cloud::Storage::Notification.


Represents a Pub/Sub notification subscription for a Cloud Storage bucket.

See Bucket#create_notification, Bucket#notifications, and Bucket#notification.


  • Object


require "google/cloud/pubsub"
require "google/cloud/storage"

pubsub =
storage =

topic = pubsub.create_topic "my-topic"
topic.policy do |p|
  p.add "roles/pubsub.publisher",

bucket = storage.bucket "my-bucket"

notification = bucket.create_notification



def api_url() -> String

A URL that can be used to access the notification using the REST API.

  • (String)


def bucket() -> String

The name of the Bucket to which this notification belongs.

  • (String) — the current value of bucket


def custom_attrs() -> Hash(String => String)

The custom attributes of this notification. An optional list of additional attributes to attach to each Cloud Pub/Sub message published for this notification subscription.

  • (Hash(String => String))


def delete() -> Boolean

Permanently deletes the notification.

The API call to delete the notification may be retried under certain conditions. See Google::Cloud#storage to control this behavior.

  • (Boolean) — Returns true if the notification was deleted.
require "google/cloud/storage"

storage =

bucket = storage.bucket "my-bucket"
notification = bucket.notification "1"


def event_types() -> Array<String>

The event types of this notification. If present, messages will only be sent for the listed event types. If empty, messages will be sent for all event types.

The following is a list of event types currently supported by Cloud Storage:

  • OBJECT_FINALIZE - Sent when a new object (or a new generation of an existing object) is successfully created in the bucket. This includes copying or rewriting an existing object. A failed upload does not trigger this event.
  • OBJECT_METADATA_UPDATE - Sent when the metadata of an existing object changes.
  • OBJECT_DELETE - Sent when an object has been permanently deleted. This includes objects that are overwritten or are deleted as part of the bucket's lifecycle configuration. For buckets with object versioning enabled, this is not sent when an object is archived (see OBJECT_ARCHIVE), even if archival occurs via the File#delete method.
  • OBJECT_ARCHIVE - Only sent when a bucket has enabled object versioning. This event indicates that the live version of an object has become an archived version, either because it was archived or because it was overwritten by the upload of an object of the same name.

Important: Additional event types may be released later. Client code should either safely ignore unrecognized event types, or else explicitly specify in their notification configuration which event types they are prepared to accept.

  • (Array<String>)


def id() -> String

The ID of the notification.

  • (String)


def kind() -> String

The kind of item this is. For notifications, this is always storage#notification.

  • (String)


def payload() -> String

The desired content of the Pub/Sub message payload. Acceptable values are:

  • JSON_API_V1 - The payload will be a UTF-8 string containing the resource representation of the file's metadata.
  • NONE - No payload is included with the notification.
  • (String)


def prefix() -> String

The file name prefix of this notification. If present, only apply this notification configuration to file names that begin with this prefix.

  • (String)


def topic() -> String

The Cloud Pub/Sub topic to which this subscription publishes. Formatted as: //{project-id}/topics/{my-topic}

  • (String)