Cloud Speech-to-Text V1 API - Module Google::Cloud::Speech::V1::RecognitionMetadata::InteractionType (v0.15.0)

Reference documentation and code samples for the Cloud Speech-to-Text V1 API module Google::Cloud::Speech::V1::RecognitionMetadata::InteractionType.

Use case categories that the audio recognition request can be described by.



value: 0
Use case is either unknown or is something other than one of the other values below.


value: 1
Multiple people in a conversation or discussion. For example in a meeting with two or more people actively participating. Typically all the primary people speaking would be in the same room (if not, see PHONE_CALL)


value: 2
One or more persons lecturing or presenting to others, mostly uninterrupted.


value: 3
A phone-call or video-conference in which two or more people, who are not in the same room, are actively participating.


value: 4
A recorded message intended for another person to listen to.


value: 5
Professionally produced audio (eg. TV Show, Podcast).

value: 6
Transcribe spoken questions and queries into text.


value: 7
Transcribe voice commands, such as for controlling a device.


value: 8
Transcribe speech to text to create a written document, such as a text-message, email or report.