Service Management V1 API - Module Google::Api::MetricDescriptor::MetricKind (v0.11.0)

Reference documentation and code samples for the Service Management V1 API module Google::Api::MetricDescriptor::MetricKind.

The kind of measurement. It describes how the data is reported. For information on setting the start time and end time based on the MetricKind, see [TimeInterval][google.monitoring.v3.TimeInterval].



value: 0
Do not use this default value.


value: 1
An instantaneous measurement of a value.


value: 2
The change in a value during a time interval.


value: 3
A value accumulated over a time interval. Cumulative measurements in a time series should have the same start time and increasing end times, until an event resets the cumulative value to zero and sets a new start time for the following points.