Security Center Management V1 API - Module Google::Cloud::SecurityCenterManagement::V1::SecurityHealthAnalyticsCustomModule::EnablementState (v0.2.0)

Reference documentation and code samples for the Security Center Management V1 API module Google::Cloud::SecurityCenterManagement::V1::SecurityHealthAnalyticsCustomModule::EnablementState.

Possible enablement states of a custom module.



value: 0
Unspecified enablement state.


value: 1
The module is enabled at the given CRM resource.


value: 2
The module is disabled at the given CRM resource.


value: 3
State is inherited from an ancestor module. The module will either be effectively ENABLED or DISABLED based on its closest non-inherited ancestor module in the CRM hierarchy. Attempting to set a top level module (module with no parent) to the INHERITED state will result in an INVALID_ARGUMENT error.