Retail V2 API - Module Google::Cloud::Retail::V2::SearchRequest::SearchMode (v0.20.0)

Reference documentation and code samples for the Retail V2 API module Google::Cloud::Retail::V2::SearchRequest::SearchMode.

The search mode of each search request.



value: 0
Default value. In this case both product search and faceted search will be performed. Both SearchResponse.SearchResult and SearchResponse.Facet will be returned.


value: 1
Only product search will be performed. The faceted search will be disabled.

Only SearchResponse.SearchResult will be returned. SearchResponse.Facet will not be returned, even if SearchRequest.facet_specs or SearchRequest.dynamic_facet_spec is set.


value: 2
Only faceted search will be performed. The product search will be disabled.

When in this mode, one or both of SearchRequest.facet_specs and SearchRequest.dynamic_facet_spec should be set. Otherwise, an INVALID_ARGUMENT error is returned. Only SearchResponse.Facet will be returned. SearchResponse.SearchResult will not be returned.