Retail V2 API - Module Google::Cloud::Retail::V2::ImportProductsRequest::ReconciliationMode (v0.7.0)

Reference documentation and code samples for the Retail V2 API module Google::Cloud::Retail::V2::ImportProductsRequest::ReconciliationMode.

Indicates how imported products are reconciled with the existing products created or imported before.



value: 0
Defaults to INCREMENTAL.


value: 1
Inserts new products or updates existing products.


value: 2
Calculates diff and replaces the entire product dataset. Existing products may be deleted if they are not present in the source location.

Can only be set while using BigQuerySource. And the BigQuery dataset must be created in the data location "us (multiple regions in United States)", otherwise a PERMISSION_DENIED error is thrown.

Add the IAM permission "BigQuery Data Viewer" for before using this feature otherwise an error is thrown.