Retail V2 API - Module Google::Cloud::Retail::V2::Product::Type (v0.12.0)

Reference documentation and code samples for the Retail V2 API module Google::Cloud::Retail::V2::Product::Type.

The type of this product.



value: 0
Default value. Default to Catalog.product_level_config.ingestion_product_type if unset.


value: 1
The primary type.

As the primary unit for predicting, indexing and search serving, a Type.PRIMARY Product is grouped with multiple Type.VARIANT {::Google::Cloud::Retail::V2::Product Product}s.


value: 2
The variant type.

Type.VARIANT {::Google::Cloud::Retail::V2::Product Product}s usually share some common attributes on the same Type.PRIMARY {::Google::Cloud::Retail::V2::Product Product}s, but they have variant attributes like different colors, sizes and prices, etc.


value: 3
The collection type. Collection products are bundled Type.PRIMARY {::Google::Cloud::Retail::V2::Product Product}s or Type.VARIANT {::Google::Cloud::Retail::V2::Product Product}s that are sold together, such as a jewelry set with necklaces, earrings and rings, etc.