reCAPTCHA Enterprise V1beta1 API - Module Google::Cloud::RecaptchaEnterprise::V1beta1::AccountDefenderAssessment::AccountDefenderLabel (v0.14.0)

Reference documentation and code samples for the reCAPTCHA Enterprise V1beta1 API module Google::Cloud::RecaptchaEnterprise::V1beta1::AccountDefenderAssessment::AccountDefenderLabel.

Labels returned by account defender for this request.



value: 0
Default unspecified type.


value: 1
The request matches a known good profile for the user.


value: 2
The request is potentially a suspicious login event and should be further verified either via multi-factor authentication or another system.


value: 3
The request matched a profile that previously had suspicious account creation behavior. This could mean this is a fake account.

value: 4
The account in the request has a high number of related accounts. It does not necessarily imply that the account is bad but could require investigating.