Policy Simulator V1 API - Module Google::Cloud::PolicySimulator::V1::Simulator (v0.3.2)

Reference documentation and code samples for the Policy Simulator V1 API module Google::Cloud::PolicySimulator::V1::Simulator.

Policy Simulator API service.

Policy Simulator is a collection of endpoints for creating, running, and viewing a Replay. A Replay is a type of simulation that lets you see how your principals' access to resources might change if you changed your IAM policy.

During a Replay, Policy Simulator re-evaluates, or replays, past access attempts under both the current policy and your proposed policy, and compares those results to determine how your principals' access might change under the proposed policy.

To load this service and instantiate a REST client:

require "google/cloud/policy_simulator/v1/simulator/rest"
client = ::Google::Cloud::PolicySimulator::V1::Simulator::Rest::Client.new