Cloud Monitoring V3 API - Module Google::Cloud::Monitoring::V3::UptimeCheckService (v0.8.0)

Reference documentation and code samples for the Cloud Monitoring V3 API module Google::Cloud::Monitoring::V3::UptimeCheckService.

The UptimeCheckService API is used to manage (list, create, delete, edit) Uptime check configurations in the Stackdriver Monitoring product. An Uptime check is a piece of configuration that determines which resources and services to monitor for availability. These configurations can also be configured interactively by navigating to the Cloud Console, selecting the appropriate project, clicking on "Monitoring" on the left-hand side to navigate to Stackdriver, and then clicking on "Uptime".

To load this service and instantiate a client:

require "google/cloud/monitoring/v3/uptime_check_service"
client =