Cloud Monitoring V3 API - Module Google::Cloud::Monitoring::V3::UptimeCheckConfig::CheckerType (v0.15.2)

Reference documentation and code samples for the Cloud Monitoring V3 API module Google::Cloud::Monitoring::V3::UptimeCheckConfig::CheckerType.

What kind of checkers are available to be used by the check.



value: 0
The default checker type. Currently converted to STATIC_IP_CHECKERS on creation, the default conversion behavior may change in the future.


value: 1
STATIC_IP_CHECKERS are used for uptime checks that perform egress across the public internet. STATIC_IP_CHECKERS use the static IP addresses returned by ListUptimeCheckIps.


value: 3
VPC_CHECKERS are used for uptime checks that perform egress using Service Directory and private network access. When using VPC_CHECKERS, the monitored resource type must be servicedirectory_service.