Backup for GKE API - Module Google::Cloud::GkeBackup (v1.2.0)

Reference documentation and code samples for the Backup for GKE API module Google::Cloud::GkeBackup.



def self.backup_for_gke(version: :v1, transport: :grpc, &block) -> ::Object

Create a new client object for BackupForGKE.

By default, this returns an instance of Google::Cloud::GkeBackup::V1::BackupForGKE::Client for a gRPC client for version V1 of the API. However, you can specify a different API version by passing it in the version parameter. If the BackupForGKE service is supported by that API version, and the corresponding gem is available, the appropriate versioned client will be returned. You can also specify a different transport by passing :rest or :grpc in the transport parameter.

About BackupForGKE

BackupForGKE allows Kubernetes administrators to configure, execute, and manage backup and restore operations for their GKE clusters.

  • version (::String, ::Symbol) (defaults to: :v1) — The API version to connect to. Optional. Defaults to :v1.
  • transport (:grpc, :rest) (defaults to: :grpc) — The transport to use. Defaults to :grpc.
  • (::Object) — A client object for the specified version.


def self.configure() -> ::Google::Cloud::Config

Configure the google-cloud-gke_backup library.

The following configuration parameters are supported:

  • credentials (type: String, Hash, Google::Auth::Credentials) - The path to the keyfile as a String, the contents of the keyfile as a Hash, or a Google::Auth::Credentials object.
  • lib_name (type: String) - The library name as recorded in instrumentation and logging.
  • lib_version (type: String) - The library version as recorded in instrumentation and logging.
  • interceptors (type: Array<GRPC::ClientInterceptor>) - An array of interceptors that are run before calls are executed.
  • timeout (type: Numeric) - Default timeout in seconds.
  • metadata (type: Hash{Symbol=>String}) - Additional headers to be sent with the call.
  • retry_policy (type: Hash) - The retry policy. The value is a hash with the following keys:
    • :initial_delay (type: Numeric) - The initial delay in seconds.
    • :max_delay (type: Numeric) - The max delay in seconds.
    • :multiplier (type: Numeric) - The incremental backoff multiplier.
    • :retry_codes (type: Array<String>) - The error codes that should trigger a retry.
  • (::Google::Cloud.configure.gke_backup)
  • (::Google::Cloud::Config) — The default configuration used by this library



value: "1.2.0"