Document AI V1beta3 API - Module Google::Cloud::DocumentAI::V1beta3::DocumentSchema::EntityType::Property::OccurrenceType (v0.29.0)

Reference documentation and code samples for the Document AI V1beta3 API module Google::Cloud::DocumentAI::V1beta3::DocumentSchema::EntityType::Property::OccurrenceType.

Types of occurrences of the entity type in the document. This represents the number of instances of instances of an entity, not number of mentions of an entity. For example, a bank statement may only have one account_number, but this account number may be mentioned in several places on the document. In this case the 'account_number' would be considered a REQUIRED_ONCE entity type. If, on the other hand, we expect a bank statement to contain the status of multiple different accounts for the customers, the occurrence type will be set to REQUIRED_MULTIPLE.



value: 0
Unspecified occurrence type.


value: 1
There will be zero or one instance of this entity type. The same entity instance may be mentioned multiple times.


value: 2
The entity type will appear zero or multiple times.


value: 3
The entity type will only appear exactly once. The same entity instance may be mentioned multiple times.


value: 4
The entity type will appear once or more times.