Document AI V1 API - Module Google::Cloud::DocumentAI::V1::Processor::State (v0.8.0)

Reference documentation and code samples for the Document AI V1 API module Google::Cloud::DocumentAI::V1::Processor::State.

The possible states of the processor.



value: 0
The processor is in an unspecified state.


value: 1
The processor is enabled, i.e., has an enabled version which can currently serve processing requests and all the feature dependencies have been successfully initialized.


value: 2
The processor is disabled.


value: 3
The processor is being enabled, will become ENABLED if successful.


value: 4
The processor is being disabled, will become DISABLED if successful.


value: 5
The processor is being created, will become either ENABLED (for successful creation) or FAILED (for failed ones). Once a processor is in this state, it can then be used for document processing, but the feature dependencies of the processor might not be fully created yet.


value: 6
The processor failed during creation or initialization of feature dependencies. The user should delete the processor and recreate one as all the functionalities of the processor are disabled.


value: 7
The processor is being deleted, will be removed if successful.