Document AI V1 API - Module Google::Cloud::DocumentAI::V1::Evaluation::MultiConfidenceMetrics::MetricsType (v0.23.0)

Reference documentation and code samples for the Document AI V1 API module Google::Cloud::DocumentAI::V1::Evaluation::MultiConfidenceMetrics::MetricsType.

A type that determines how metrics should be interpreted.



value: 0
The metrics type is unspecified. By default, metrics without a particular specification are for leaf entity types (i.e., top-level entity types without child types, or child types which are not parent types themselves).


value: 1
Indicates whether metrics for this particular label type represent an aggregate of metrics for other types instead of being based on actual TP/FP/FN values for the label type. Metrics for parent (i.e., non-leaf) entity types are an aggregate of metrics for their children.