Dialogflow V2 API - Module Google::Cloud::Dialogflow::V2::SpeechModelVariant (v0.17.0)

Reference documentation and code samples for the Dialogflow V2 API module Google::Cloud::Dialogflow::V2::SpeechModelVariant.

Variant of the specified Speech model to use.

See the Cloud Speech documentation for which models have different variants. For example, the "phone_call" model has both a standard and an enhanced variant. When you use an enhanced model, you will generally receive higher quality results than for a standard model.



value: 0
No model variant specified. In this case Dialogflow defaults to USE_BEST_AVAILABLE.


value: 1
Use the best available variant of the [Speech model][InputAudioConfig.model] that the caller is eligible for.

Please see the Dialogflow docs for how to make your project eligible for enhanced models.


value: 2
Use standard model variant even if an enhanced model is available. See the Cloud Speech documentation for details about enhanced models.


value: 3

Use an enhanced model variant:

  • If an enhanced variant does not exist for the given model and request language, Dialogflow falls back to the standard variant.

The Cloud Speech documentation describes which models have enhanced variants.

  • If the API caller isn't eligible for enhanced models, Dialogflow returns an error. Please see the Dialogflow docs for how to make your project eligible.