Cloud Dataproc V1 API - Module Google::Cloud::Dataproc::V1::GceClusterConfig::PrivateIpv6GoogleAccess (v0.25.0)

Reference documentation and code samples for the Cloud Dataproc V1 API module Google::Cloud::Dataproc::V1::GceClusterConfig::PrivateIpv6GoogleAccess.

PrivateIpv6GoogleAccess controls whether and how Dataproc cluster nodes can communicate with Google Services through gRPC over IPv6. These values are directly mapped to corresponding values in the Compute Engine Instance fields.



value: 0
If unspecified, Compute Engine default behavior will apply, which is the same as INHERIT_FROM_SUBNETWORK.


value: 1
Private access to and from Google Services configuration inherited from the subnetwork configuration. This is the default Compute Engine behavior.


value: 2
Enables outbound private IPv6 access to Google Services from the Dataproc cluster.


value: 3
Enables bidirectional private IPv6 access between Google Services and the Dataproc cluster.