Kubernetes Engine V1beta1 API - Module Google::Cloud::Container::V1beta1::MaintenanceExclusionOptions::Scope (v0.24.0)

Reference documentation and code samples for the Kubernetes Engine V1beta1 API module Google::Cloud::Container::V1beta1::MaintenanceExclusionOptions::Scope.

Scope of exclusion.



value: 0
NO_UPGRADES excludes all upgrades, including patch upgrades and minor upgrades across control planes and nodes. This is the default exclusion behavior.


value: 1
NO_MINOR_UPGRADES excludes all minor upgrades for the cluster, only patches are allowed.


value: 2
NO_MINOR_OR_NODE_UPGRADES excludes all minor upgrades for the cluster, and also exclude all node pool upgrades. Only control plane patches are allowed.