Kubernetes Engine V1 API - Module Google::Cloud::Container::V1::UsableSubnetworkSecondaryRange::Status (v0.29.0)

Reference documentation and code samples for the Kubernetes Engine V1 API module Google::Cloud::Container::V1::UsableSubnetworkSecondaryRange::Status.

Status shows the current usage of a secondary IP range.



value: 0
UNKNOWN is the zero value of the Status enum. It's not a valid status.


value: 1
UNUSED denotes that this range is unclaimed by any cluster.


value: 2
IN_USE_SERVICE denotes that this range is claimed by cluster(s) for services. User-managed services range can be shared between clusters within the same subnetwork.


value: 3
IN_USE_SHAREABLE_POD denotes this range was created by the network admin and is currently claimed by a cluster for pods. It can only be used by other clusters as a pod range.


value: 4
IN_USE_MANAGED_POD denotes this range was created by GKE and is claimed for pods. It cannot be used for other clusters.