Kubernetes Engine V1 API - Module Google::Cloud::Container::V1::ReleaseChannel::Channel (v0.10.0)

Reference documentation and code samples for the Kubernetes Engine V1 API module Google::Cloud::Container::V1::ReleaseChannel::Channel.

Possible values for 'channel'.



value: 0
No channel specified.


value: 1
RAPID channel is offered on an early access basis for customers who want to test new releases.

WARNING: Versions available in the RAPID Channel may be subject to unresolved issues with no known workaround and are not subject to any SLAs.


value: 2
Clusters subscribed to REGULAR receive versions that are considered GA quality. REGULAR is intended for production users who want to take advantage of new features.


value: 3
Clusters subscribed to STABLE receive versions that are known to be stable and reliable in production.