Cloud Channel V1 API - Module Google::Cloud::Channel::V1::CloudChannelService (v0.11.0)

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Reference documentation and code samples for the Cloud Channel V1 API module Google::Cloud::Channel::V1::CloudChannelService.

CloudChannelService lets Google cloud resellers and distributors manage their customers, channel partners, entitlements, and reports.

Using this service:

  1. Resellers and distributors can manage a customer entity.
  2. Distributors can register an authorized reseller in their channel and provide them with delegated admin access.
  3. Resellers and distributors can manage customer entitlements.

CloudChannelService exposes the following resources:

  • Customers: An entity—usually an enterprise—managed by a reseller or distributor.

  • Entitlements: An entity that provides a customer with the means to use a service. Entitlements are created or updated as a result of a successful fulfillment.

  • ChannelPartnerLinks: An entity that identifies links between distributors and their indirect resellers in a channel.

To load this service and instantiate a client:

require "google/cloud/channel/v1/cloud_channel_service"
client =