App Engine Admin V1 API - Class Google::Cloud::AppEngine::V1::Versions::Client::Configuration::Rpcs (v0.5.0)

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Reference documentation and code samples for the App Engine Admin V1 API class Google::Cloud::AppEngine::V1::Versions::Client::Configuration::Rpcs.

Configuration RPC class for the Versions API.

Includes fields providing the configuration for each RPC in this service. Each configuration object is of type Gapic::Config::Method and includes the following configuration fields:

  • timeout (type: Numeric) - The call timeout in seconds
  • metadata (type: Hash{Symbol=>String}) - Additional gRPC headers
  • retry_policy (type:Hash`) - The retry policy. The policy fields include the following keys:
    • :initial_delay (type: Numeric) - The initial delay in seconds.
    • :max_delay (type: Numeric) - The max delay in seconds.
    • :multiplier (type: Numeric) - The incremental backoff multiplier.
    • :retry_codes (type: Array<String>) - The error codes that should trigger a retry.


  • Object



def create_version() -> ::Gapic::Config::Method

RPC-specific configuration for create_version

  • (::Gapic::Config::Method)


def delete_version() -> ::Gapic::Config::Method

RPC-specific configuration for delete_version

  • (::Gapic::Config::Method)


def get_version() -> ::Gapic::Config::Method

RPC-specific configuration for get_version

  • (::Gapic::Config::Method)


def list_versions() -> ::Gapic::Config::Method

RPC-specific configuration for list_versions

  • (::Gapic::Config::Method)


def update_version() -> ::Gapic::Config::Method

RPC-specific configuration for update_version

  • (::Gapic::Config::Method)