App Engine Admin V1 API - Module Google::Cloud::AppEngine::V1::Firewall (v0.10.0)

Reference documentation and code samples for the App Engine Admin V1 API module Google::Cloud::AppEngine::V1::Firewall.

Firewall resources are used to define a collection of access control rules for an Application. Each rule is defined with a position which specifies the rule's order in the sequence of rules, an IP range to be matched against requests, and an action to take upon matching requests.

Every request is evaluated against the Firewall rules in priority order. Processesing stops at the first rule which matches the request's IP address. A final rule always specifies an action that applies to all remaining IP addresses. The default final rule for a newly-created application will be set to "allow" if not otherwise specified by the user.

To load this service and instantiate a REST client:

require "google/cloud/app_engine/v1/firewall/rest"
client =