Vertex AI V1 API - Class Google::Cloud::AIPlatform::V1::Trial (v0.23.0)

Reference documentation and code samples for the Vertex AI V1 API class Google::Cloud::AIPlatform::V1::Trial.

A message representing a Trial. A Trial contains a unique set of Parameters that has been or will be evaluated, along with the objective metrics got by running the Trial.


  • Object

Extended By

  • Google::Protobuf::MessageExts::ClassMethods


  • Google::Protobuf::MessageExts



def client_id() -> ::String
  • (::String) — Output only. The identifier of the client that originally requested this Trial. Each client is identified by a unique client_id. When a client asks for a suggestion, Vertex AI Vizier will assign it a Trial. The client should evaluate the Trial, complete it, and report back to Vertex AI Vizier. If suggestion is asked again by same client_id before the Trial is completed, the same Trial will be returned. Multiple clients with different client_ids can ask for suggestions simultaneously, each of them will get their own Trial.


def custom_job() -> ::String
  • (::String) — Output only. The CustomJob name linked to the Trial. It's set for a HyperparameterTuningJob's Trial.


def end_time() -> ::Google::Protobuf::Timestamp


def final_measurement() -> ::Google::Cloud::AIPlatform::V1::Measurement


def id() -> ::String
  • (::String) — Output only. The identifier of the Trial assigned by the service.


def infeasible_reason() -> ::String
  • (::String) — Output only. A human readable string describing why the Trial is infeasible. This is set only if Trial state is INFEASIBLE.


def measurements() -> ::Array<::Google::Cloud::AIPlatform::V1::Measurement>
  • (::Array<::Google::Cloud::AIPlatform::V1::Measurement>) — Output only. A list of measurements that are strictly lexicographically ordered by their induced tuples (steps, elapsed_duration). These are used for early stopping computations.


def name() -> ::String
  • (::String) — Output only. Resource name of the Trial assigned by the service.


def parameters() -> ::Array<::Google::Cloud::AIPlatform::V1::Trial::Parameter>


def start_time() -> ::Google::Protobuf::Timestamp


def state() -> ::Google::Cloud::AIPlatform::V1::Trial::State


def web_access_uris() -> ::Google::Protobuf::Map{::String => ::String}
  • (::Google::Protobuf::Map{::String => ::String}) — Output only. URIs for accessing interactive shells (one URI for each training node). Only available if this trial is part of a HyperparameterTuningJob and the job's trial_job_spec.enable_web_access field is true.

    The keys are names of each node used for the trial; for example, workerpool0-0 for the primary node, workerpool1-0 for the first node in the second worker pool, and workerpool1-1 for the second node in the second worker pool.

    The values are the URIs for each node's interactive shell.