Class UpdateProductRequest (1.15.1)

UpdateProductRequest(mapping=None, *, ignore_unknown_fields=False, **kwargs)

Request message for ProductService.UpdateProduct method.


Required. The product to update/create. If the caller does not have permission to update the Product, regardless of whether or not it exists, a PERMISSION_DENIED error is returned. If the Product to update does not exist and allow_missing is not set, a NOT_FOUND error is returned.
update_mask google.protobuf.field_mask_pb2.FieldMask
Indicates which fields in the provided Product to update. The immutable and output only fields are NOT supported. If not set, all supported fields (the fields that are neither immutable nor output only) are updated. If an unsupported or unknown field is provided, an INVALID_ARGUMENT error is returned. The attribute key can be updated by setting the mask path as "attributes.${key_name}". If a key name is present in the mask but not in the patching product from the request, this key will be deleted after the update.
allow_missing bool
If set to true, and the Product is not found, a new Product will be created. In this situation, update_mask is ignored.