Class CompleteQueryRequest (1.15.1)

CompleteQueryRequest(mapping=None, *, ignore_unknown_fields=False, **kwargs)

Auto-complete parameters.


catalog str
Required. Catalog for which the completion is performed. Full resource name of catalog, such as projects/*/locations/global/catalogs/default_catalog.
query str
Required. The query used to generate suggestions. The maximum number of allowed characters is 255.
visitor_id str
Required field. A unique identifier for tracking visitors. For example, this could be implemented with an HTTP cookie, which should be able to uniquely identify a visitor on a single device. This unique identifier should not change if the visitor logs in or out of the website. The field must be a UTF-8 encoded string with a length limit of 128 characters. Otherwise, an INVALID_ARGUMENT error is returned.
language_codes MutableSequence[str]
Note that this field applies for user-data dataset only. For requests with cloud-retail dataset, setting this field has no effect. The language filters applied to the output suggestions. If set, it should contain the language of the query. If not set, suggestions are returned without considering language restrictions. This is the BCP-47 language code, such as "en-US" or "sr-Latn". For more information, see `Tags for Identifying Languages
device_type str
The device type context for completion suggestions. We recommend that you leave this field empty. It can apply different suggestions on different device types, e.g. DESKTOP, MOBILE. If it is empty, the suggestions are across all device types. Supported formats: - UNKNOWN_DEVICE_TYPE - DESKTOP - MOBILE - A customized string starts with OTHER_, e.g. OTHER_IPHONE.
dataset str
Determines which dataset to use for fetching completion. "user-data" will use the imported dataset through CompletionService.ImportCompletionData. "cloud-retail" will use the dataset generated by cloud retail based on user events. If leave empty, it will use the "user-data". Current supported values: - user-data - cloud-retail: This option requires enabling auto-learning function first. See guidelines __.
max_suggestions int
Completion max suggestions. If left unset or set to 0, then will fallback to the configured value CompletionConfig.max_suggestions. The maximum allowed max suggestions is 20. If it is set higher, it will be capped by 20.