Class Event (1.12.0)

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Event(mapping=None, *, ignore_unknown_fields=False, **kwargs)

The event being assessed.


token str
Optional. The user response token provided by the reCAPTCHA Enterprise client-side integration on your site.
site_key str
Optional. The site key that was used to invoke reCAPTCHA Enterprise on your site and generate the token.
user_agent str
Optional. The user agent present in the request from the user's device related to this event.
user_ip_address str
Optional. The IP address in the request from the user's device related to this event.
expected_action str
Optional. The expected action for this type of event. This should be the same action provided at token generation time on client-side platforms already integrated with recaptcha enterprise.
hashed_account_id bytes
Optional. Unique stable hashed user identifier for the request. The identifier must be hashed using hmac-sha256 with stable secret.
Optional. Data describing a payment transaction to be assessed. Sending this data enables reCAPTCHA Enterprise Fraud Prevention and the FraudPreventionAssessment component in the response.