Class TestingOptions (1.11.1)

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TestingOptions(mapping=None, *, ignore_unknown_fields=False, **kwargs)

Options for user acceptance testing.


testing_score float
All assessments for this Key will return this score. Must be between 0 (likely not legitimate) and 1 (likely legitimate) inclusive.
For challenge-based keys only (CHECKBOX, INVISIBLE), all challenge requests for this site will return nocaptcha if NOCAPTCHA, or an unsolvable challenge if CHALLENGE.




Enum that represents the challenge option for challenge-based (CHECKBOX, INVISIBLE) testing keys.

Values: TESTING_CHALLENGE_UNSPECIFIED (0): Perform the normal risk analysis and return either nocaptcha or a challenge depending on risk and trust factors. NOCAPTCHA (1): Challenge requests for this key always return a nocaptcha, which does not require a solution. UNSOLVABLE_CHALLENGE (2): Challenge requests for this key always return an unsolvable challenge.