Class Result (1.12.0)

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Result of the account verification as contained in the verdict token issued at the end of the verification flow.

Values: RESULT_UNSPECIFIED (0): No information about the latest account verification. SUCCESS_USER_VERIFIED (1): The user was successfully verified. This means the account verification challenge was successfully completed. ERROR_USER_NOT_VERIFIED (2): The user failed the verification challenge. ERROR_SITE_ONBOARDING_INCOMPLETE (3): The site is not properly onboarded to use the account verification feature. ERROR_RECIPIENT_NOT_ALLOWED (4): The recipient is not allowed for account verification. This can occur during integration but should not occur in production. ERROR_RECIPIENT_ABUSE_LIMIT_EXHAUSTED (5): The recipient has already been sent too many verification codes in a short amount of time. ERROR_CRITICAL_INTERNAL (6): The verification flow could not be completed due to a critical internal error. ERROR_CUSTOMER_QUOTA_EXHAUSTED (7): The client has exceeded their two factor request quota for this period of time. ERROR_VERIFICATION_BYPASSED (8): The request cannot be processed at the time because of an incident. This bypass can be restricted to a problematic destination email domain, a customer, or could affect the entire service. ERROR_VERDICT_MISMATCH (9): The request parameters do not match with the token provided and cannot be processed.