Class ConfigSync (1.14.0)

ConfigSync(mapping=None, *, ignore_unknown_fields=False, **kwargs)


Name Description
Git repo configuration for the cluster.
source_format str
Specifies whether the Config Sync Repo is in "hierarchical" or "unstructured" mode.
enabled bool
Enables the installation of ConfigSync. If set to true, ConfigSync resources will be created and the other ConfigSync fields will be applied if exist. If set to false, all other ConfigSync fields will be ignored, ConfigSync resources will be deleted. If omitted, ConfigSync resources will be managed depends on the presence of the git or oci field. This field is a member of oneof_ _enabled.
prevent_drift bool
Set to true to enable the Config Sync admission webhook to prevent drifts. If set to false, disables the Config Sync admission webhook and does not prevent drifts.
OCI repo configuration for the cluster
metrics_gcp_service_account_email str
The Email of the Google Cloud Service Account (GSA) used for exporting Config Sync metrics to Cloud Monitoring when Workload Identity is enabled. The GSA should have the Monitoring Metric Writer (roles/monitoring.metricWriter) IAM role. The Kubernetes ServiceAccount default in the namespace config-management-monitoring should be bound to the GSA.