Class OnPremCluster (1.7.1)

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OnPremCluster(mapping=None, *, ignore_unknown_fields=False, **kwargs)

OnPremCluster contains information specific to GKE On-Prem clusters.


resource_link str
Immutable. Self-link of the GCP resource for the GKE On-Prem cluster. For example: // //
cluster_missing bool
Output only. If cluster_missing is set then it denotes that API( resource for this GKE On-Prem cluster no longer exists.
admin_cluster bool
Immutable. Whether the cluster is an admin cluster.
Immutable. The on prem cluster's type.




ClusterType describes on prem cluster's type.

Values: CLUSTERTYPE_UNSPECIFIED (0): The ClusterType is not set. BOOTSTRAP (1): The ClusterType is bootstrap cluster. HYBRID (2): The ClusterType is baremetal hybrid cluster. STANDALONE (3): The ClusterType is baremetal standalone cluster. USER (4): The ClusterType is user cluster.