Class MonitoringConfig (1.13.0)

MonitoringConfig(mapping=None, *, ignore_unknown_fields=False, **kwargs)

This field informs Fleet-based applications/services/UIs with the necessary information for where each underlying Cluster reports its metrics.


project_id str
Immutable. Project used to report Metrics
location str
Immutable. Location used to report Metrics
cluster str
Immutable. Cluster name used to report metrics. For Anthos on VMWare/Baremetal, it would be in format memberClusters/cluster_name; And for Anthos on MultiCloud, it would be in format {azureClusters, awsClusters}/cluster_name.
kubernetes_metrics_prefix str
Kubernetes system metrics, if available, are written to this prefix. This defaults to for GKE, and for Anthos eventually. Noted: Anthos MultiCloud will have prefix today but will migration to be under
cluster_hash str
Immutable. Cluster hash, this is a unique string generated by google code, which does not contain any PII, which we can use to reference the cluster. This is expected to be created by the monitoring stack and persisted into the Cluster object as well as to GKE-Hub.