Class InspectConfig (3.1.1)

InspectConfig(mapping=None, *, ignore_unknown_fields=False, **kwargs)

Configuration description of the scanning process. When used with redactContent only info_types and min_likelihood are currently used.


info_types Sequence[]
Restricts what info_types to look for. The values must correspond to InfoType values returned by ListInfoTypes or listed at When no InfoTypes or CustomInfoTypes are specified in a request, the system may automatically choose what detectors to run. By default this may be all types, but may change over time as detectors are updated. If you need precise control and predictability as to what detectors are run you should specify specific InfoTypes listed in the reference, otherwise a default list will be used, which may change over time.
Only returns findings equal or above this threshold. The default is POSSIBLE. See to learn more.
Configuration to control the number of findings returned.
include_quote bool
When true, a contextual quote from the data that triggered a finding is included in the response; see Finding.quote.
exclude_info_types bool
When true, excludes type information of the findings.
custom_info_types Sequence[]
CustomInfoTypes provided by the user. See custom-infotypes to learn more.
content_options Sequence[]
List of options defining data content to scan. If empty, text, images, and other content will be included.
rule_set Sequence[]
Set of rules to apply to the findings for this InspectConfig. Exclusion rules, contained in the set are executed in the end, other rules are executed in the order they are specified for each info type.



FindingLimits(mapping=None, *, ignore_unknown_fields=False, **kwargs)

Configuration to control the number of findings returned. .. attribute:: max_findings_per_item

Max number of findings that will be returned for each item scanned. When set within InspectJobConfig, the maximum returned is 2000 regardless if this is set higher. When set within InspectContentRequest, this field is ignored.

:type: int