Class Schema (1.8.1)

Schema(mapping=None, *, ignore_unknown_fields=False, **kwargs)

Schema information describing the structure and layout of the data.


user_managed bool
Required. Set to true if user-managed or false if managed by Dataplex. The default is false (managed by Dataplex). - Set to false\ to enable Dataplex discovery to update the schema. including new data discovery, schema inference, and schema evolution. Users retain the ability to input and edit the schema. Dataplex treats schema input by the user as though produced by a previous Dataplex discovery operation, and it will evolve the schema and take action based on that treatment. - Set to true to fully manage the entity schema. This setting guarantees that Dataplex will not change schema fields.
fields MutableSequence[]
Optional. The sequence of fields describing data in table entities. **Note:** BigQuery SchemaFields are immutable.
partition_fields MutableSequence[]
Optional. The sequence of fields describing the partition structure in entities. If this field is empty, there are no partitions within the data.
Optional. The structure of paths containing partition data within the entity.




Additional qualifiers to define field semantics.

Values: MODE_UNSPECIFIED (0): Mode unspecified. REQUIRED (1): The field has required semantics. NULLABLE (2): The field has optional semantics, and may be null. REPEATED (3): The field has repeated (0 or more) semantics, and is a list of values.


PartitionField(mapping=None, *, ignore_unknown_fields=False, **kwargs)

Represents a key field within the entity's partition structure. You could have up to 20 partition fields, but only the first 10 partitions have the filtering ability due to performance consideration. Note: Partition fields are immutable.



The structure of paths within the entity, which represent partitions.

Values: PARTITION_STYLE_UNSPECIFIED (0): PartitionStyle unspecified HIVE_COMPATIBLE (1): Partitions are hive-compatible. Examples: gs://bucket/path/to/table/dt=2019-10-31/lang=en, gs://bucket/path/to/table/dt=2019-10-31/lang=en/late.


SchemaField(mapping=None, *, ignore_unknown_fields=False, **kwargs)

Represents a column field within a table schema.



Type information for fields in schemas and partition schemas.

Values: TYPE_UNSPECIFIED (0): SchemaType unspecified. BOOLEAN (1): Boolean field. BYTE (2): Single byte numeric field. INT16 (3): 16-bit numeric field. INT32 (4): 32-bit numeric field. INT64 (5): 64-bit numeric field. FLOAT (6): Floating point numeric field. DOUBLE (7): Double precision numeric field. DECIMAL (8): Real value numeric field. STRING (9): Sequence of characters field. BINARY (10): Sequence of bytes field. TIMESTAMP (11): Date and time field. DATE (12): Date field. TIME (13): Time field. RECORD (14): Structured field. Nested fields that define the structure of the map. If all nested fields are nullable, this field represents a union. NULL (100): Null field that does not have values.