Class EventType (1.12.2)


Type of governance log event.

Values: EVENT_TYPE_UNSPECIFIED (0): An unspecified event type. RESOURCE_IAM_POLICY_UPDATE (1): Resource IAM policy update event. BIGQUERY_TABLE_CREATE (2): BigQuery table create event. BIGQUERY_TABLE_UPDATE (3): BigQuery table update event. BIGQUERY_TABLE_DELETE (4): BigQuery table delete event. BIGQUERY_CONNECTION_CREATE (5): BigQuery connection create event. BIGQUERY_CONNECTION_UPDATE (6): BigQuery connection update event. BIGQUERY_CONNECTION_DELETE (7): BigQuery connection delete event. BIGQUERY_TAXONOMY_CREATE (10): BigQuery taxonomy created. BIGQUERY_POLICY_TAG_CREATE (11): BigQuery policy tag created. BIGQUERY_POLICY_TAG_DELETE (12): BigQuery policy tag deleted. BIGQUERY_POLICY_TAG_SET_IAM_POLICY (13): BigQuery set iam policy for policy tag. ACCESS_POLICY_UPDATE (14): Access policy update event. GOVERNANCE_RULE_MATCHED_RESOURCES (15): Number of resources matched with particular Query. GOVERNANCE_RULE_SEARCH_LIMIT_EXCEEDS (16): Rule processing exceeds the allowed limit. GOVERNANCE_RULE_ERRORS (17): Rule processing errors. GOVERNANCE_RULE_PROCESSING (18): Governance rule processing Event.