Class Format (1.13.0)


The specific file format of the data.

Values: FORMAT_UNSPECIFIED (0): Format unspecified. PARQUET (1): Parquet-formatted structured data. AVRO (2): Avro-formatted structured data. ORC (3): Orc-formatted structured data. CSV (100): Csv-formatted semi-structured data. JSON (101): Json-formatted semi-structured data. IMAGE (200): Image data formats (such as jpg and png). AUDIO (201): Audio data formats (such as mp3, and wav). VIDEO (202): Video data formats (such as mp4 and mpg). TEXT (203): Textual data formats (such as txt and xml). TFRECORD (204): TensorFlow record format. OTHER (1000): Data that doesn't match a specific format. UNKNOWN (1001): Data of an unknown format.