Class Scope (3.18.2)

Scope(mapping=None, *, ignore_unknown_fields=False, **kwargs)

The criteria that select the subspace used for query matching.


include_org_ids MutableSequence[str]
The list of organization IDs to search within. To find your organization ID, follow instructions in
include_project_ids MutableSequence[str]
The list of project IDs to search within. To learn more about the distinction between project names/IDs/numbers, go to
include_gcp_public_datasets bool
If true, include Google Cloud public datasets in the search results. Info on Google Cloud public datasets is available at By default, Google Cloud public datasets are excluded.
restricted_locations MutableSequence[str]
Optional. The list of locations to search within. 1. If empty, search will be performed in all locations; 2. If any of the locations are NOT in the valid locations list, error will be returned; 3. Otherwise, search only the given locations for matching results. Typical usage is to leave this field empty. When a location is unreachable as returned in the SearchCatalogResponse.unreachable field, users can repeat the search request with this parameter set to get additional information on the error. Valid locations: - asia-east1 - asia-east2 - asia-northeast1 - asia-northeast2 - asia-northeast3 - asia-south1 - asia-southeast1 - australia-southeast1 - eu - europe-north1 - europe-west1 - europe-west2 - europe-west3 - europe-west4 - europe-west6 - global - northamerica-northeast1 - southamerica-east1 - us - us-central1 - us-east1 - us-east4 - us-west1 - us-west2